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About Us

Professional, licensed caregivers are on-site in our senior center assisted living homes every day, around the clock

assisted care living for seniors - Colorado Springs

At Constant Care, the dignity and self-worth of your family member is our purpose. All Constant Care homes are state-licensed and Medicaid certified. The elderly’s quality of life is our calling and, to that end, we provide a friendly, caring, and small home living for them. We encourage resident input regarding food preferences, house activities, and opportunities for socialization. We are not just a “facility” – we are a home for Colorado’s most treasured citizens. You want your loved one to be safe, comfortable, and happy. That’s why we’ve created our small community homes for seniors. Your loved one will feel respected, loved, and cared for in our small personal care residence.

Our mission is assisted living facilities in Colorado Springs serving retirees who don’t want the crowds and long hallways of most assisted living facilities. We provide a residential home atmosphere in a quiet, safe, family neighborhood. Instead of masses, our offering is small, intimate living quarters. Every Constant Care home has professional, licensed caregivers on-site 24/7. All doorways are monitored 24/7. We specialize in higher acuity, memory care, and other areas for the elderly.

Constant Care Staff

All Constant Care staff are specially recruited for the highest qualifications and personal compassion for the elderly. The unique home care environment of Constant Care means our staff develops a deep bond with our residents, and each staff member needs to be able to provide a full set of services from preparing food to assisting with mobility and managing some medical needs. You can learn more about our staff and their qualifications here.

Questions to Ask When Looking for An Assisted Living Home

Choosing an assisted living home for a loved one, and knowing the right timing for this next step, is an important and sensitive time. Call us today at 719-660-6826 and our experienced staff will discuss will help guide you and help provide the right answer for your loved one. For more information about the services Constant Care provides, we recommend you read through our Frequently Asked Questions

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We realize seniors may be searching for [exceed_links bottom secondary], [exceed_links bottom secondary], or [exceed_links bottom secondary]. Constant Care Homes is a small retirement community with residences for seniors in Colorado Springs. Constant Care Homes homes specialize in senior citizen care, including care for seniors with disabilities. The affordable assisted living homes in Colorado are Medicaid approved. Constant Care Homes facilities Colorado Springs have dedicated caregivers and on-site 24/7 care for seniors. Most residents come to our retirement living homes from families searching for assisted living in Colorado Springs, assisted living in Denver, assisted living in Aurora, assisted living in Fort Collins, assisted living in Westminster, assisted living in Pueblo, assisted living in Arvada, and assisted living in Boulder, Colorado.

Assisted Living Facility in Colorado Springs

Contact Constant Care Homes for more details about our assisted living home or schedule a tour of our Colorado Springs assisted living facilities.