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Assisted Living Colorado Springs

Assisted Living Colorado Springs

assisted-living-Colorado-SpringsAssisted Living Colorado Springs

If you’ve spent any amount of time searching Assisted Living Colorado Springs, you may be a bit confused about what the term really means. The reason for your confusion is that in the US, there is not one accepted definition of the phrase. Too often, facilities use the phrase for marketing purposes even though they don’t actually offer the care necessary to claim the title. So, what exactly is assisted living? What options are there in Colorado Springs? This article will attempt to answer your questions. Additionally, I will tell you a bit about why Constant Care of Colorado Springs is special.

A good definition for assisted Living Facilities, or ALF’s, could be this: housing facilities for people with disabilities and/or elderly people who do not have a critical medical condition but who need help with their daily living activities.

Now, let’s take a look at what the state of Colorado requires for such facilities:

  1. Meals
  2. Laundry
  3. Cleaning of all common areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms
  4. Managing money, as necessary and by agreement
  5. Making telephone calls
  6. Arranging appointments an schedules
  7. Shopping
  8. Writing letters
  9. Recreational and leisure activities

Because members of ALF’s do not require the level of medical care of a nursing home, many locations do not have round-the-clock nursing staff. This service would be more suited for retirement homes. Residents of assisted Living centers are generally a step up in their mobility. But still need help with at least one activity of daily living. They are typically senior citizens who do not require high levels of care, but prefer the companionship and assistance that these facilities provide.

There are a variety of facilities that meet these requirements set out by the state. They range from small, residential houses serving one resident to large hotel like complexes serving hundreds of residents. In most of these centers, people usually have their own private room or apartment at these centers. Some though, have shared, dorm-style rooms. There are also community living areas and dining facilities.

While these large-style apartments are very viable options, and may be the best option for some, Constant Care of Colorado Springs takes a different approach. Instead of a large building with long hallways and busy eating areas, ours is a small, family environment in a residential home on a quiet street in the Cheyenne Mountain area of the city. Our home has two floors with six rooms and two separate common areas. There are no long hallways and never any crowds. Also, due to our smaller size, our residents have more input in planning of meals, activities, etc. Senior Living Colorado Springs

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We realize seniors may be searching for [exceed_links bottom secondary], [exceed_links bottom secondary], or [exceed_links bottom secondary]. Constant Care Homes is a small retirement community with residences for seniors in Colorado Springs. Constant Care Homes homes specialize in senior citizen care, including care for seniors with disabilities. The affordable assisted living homes in Colorado are Medicaid approved. Constant Care Homes facilities Colorado Springs have dedicated caregivers and on-site 24/7 care for seniors. Most residents come to our retirement living homes from families searching for assisted living in Colorado Springs, assisted living in Denver, assisted living in Aurora, assisted living in Fort Collins, assisted living in Westminster, assisted living in Pueblo, assisted living in Arvada, and assisted living in Boulder, Colorado.

Assisted Living Facility in Colorado Springs

Contact Constant Care Homes for more details about our assisted living home or schedule a tour of our Colorado Springs assisted living facilities.