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Why Constant Care?

Questions You May Be Asking About this Assisted Living Option for Your Loved One

We serve seniors who need a little help from time to time but don’t want the crowds, hallways, and institutional feel of most assisted living and retirement facilities. We provide a residential home atmosphere in a quiet, safe, family neighborhood. Instead of serving masses of seniors, our offering is for small, intimate living quarters in beautiful residential homes. Every Constant Care Homes senior living home provides professional, licensed caregivers on-site 24/7. All doorways are monitored 24/7 to ensure safety. We specialize in higher acuity, memory care, and other areas for the elderly.

assisted care living for seniors - Colorado SpringsWhat are the signs my loved one needs assisted living?

The signs are not always easy to spot, but there are a few clear signals to watch for. If your loved one has had multiple falls (or even one), it’s time to bring the family together and think about whether Mom/Dad can realistically (and safely) live on their own. Does your loved one have trouble with short/long term memory, misplacing belongings, or repeating some of their stories or comments? If so, it may be time to consider assisted living. In-home care is also a great alternative, but it can often be cost-prohibitive.

What is the difference between assisted living and skilled nursing?

Assisted living generally means there is no medical staff on-site and is more suited for lower acuity residents. Skilled Nursing will generally offer at least one nurse and an on-call physician. This type of facility will usually have a focus on medical care rather than on amenities (swimming pools, movie theaters, etc).

Should I choose a small or large facility for my loved one?

Choosing a small or large facility depends on your loved one’s level of independence and on their socialization preference. A larger assisted living facility will often offer an opulent environment, open bar, movie theater, swimming pool, and rigorous activities program. However, the caregiver to resident ratio in this facility is generally larger and not able to provide as close support as a smaller facility.

assisted care living for seniors - Colorado SpringsWhat is a “memory care” facility?

Memory Care is perhaps the most specialized service in long-term care. The term Memory Care usually implies a specific skill set that is focused on residents with dementia. Although memory care can be provided in a “standard” assisted living facility, the “true” nature of memory care is a secured facility; a facility in which the exits are locked throughout the day. This prevents exit seeking dementia residents from wandering away from the facility.

What services do most reputable facilities provide?

Services provided among assisted living facilities can vary, but the service basics are medication administration, bathing, dressing, meals, cleaning, laundry, and at least some level of activities. The key difference in facilities often boils down to caregiver involvement and engagement.

Is home care a better alternative for my loved one?

The most ideal care arrangement for a loved one is in-home care. In this scenario, your loved one is able to remain in the environment where they are most comfortable and most familiar with, and receive one-on-one care; a form of care that is specifically tailored to their needs and care plan requirements. Typically, the only downside of in-home care is the potential cost of care compared to assisted living.

How do I discuss a move to assisted living with my loved one?

A discussion with your loved one about relocating to assisted living is, of course, one that needs to be done in a delicate manner and in deference to their feelings on the subject. This interaction is more than just communicating information. A close family member should be present for the discussion and it is HIGHLY recommended the subject be touched upon as early as practically possible as your loved one is aging.

The bottom line: walk into this discussion with great care and love.

How often should I visit my loved one?

The answer to this may seem simple, and in most cases is. Once your loved one has been admitted to assisted living, make every attempt to visit them as often as possible. However, in cases of residents with dementia, there are times when your visits can actually cause more anxiety than relief for your loved one. It’s possible their dementia can create a measure of separation anxiety or mislead them to believe you are there to bring them home. Be sure to consult your loved one’s physician and family members on this issue. Also, be sure to gather behavioral trends from the facility owner, nurse, or administrator. They can often provide helpful information on this issue as well.

How do I know if my loved one is getting good care at a facility?

Watch for some of the obvious signs: What is the demeanor and level of attentiveness of the facility’s caregivers? Does their care plan appear to be followed? Is there an activity calendar and is it appearing to be followed? Placing your loved one in any long-term care facility involves tremendous trust for that facility. Be sure to ask your loved one about their experience there early after the move-in and also after they’ve been there for a few months. Unannounced visits are also a good way to check in on your loved one.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the options your loved one has as you consider various care environments, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff at Constant Care. We will be happy to explain the benefits of our senior living facilities and help you understand whether we are a good fit for your loved one.

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